Aboard Trade Group Inc sources and delivers for four market segments. This broad range of commercial activities stems from organic growth as the company’s development has been guided by our clients’ needs over the last decade. We work with a stable group of long-term partners focusing on their needs and continually expanding the value-add we provide to each.

Working with Us

Aboard Trade provides a full line of sporting and tactical rifles, ammunition, rifle scopes, mounting and firearm accessories and more from the former Soviet Union. Key manufacturer relationships include:

  • Exclusive - Zenit side mount POSP scopes, red dot sights and mounts;
  • Exclusive - Veber optics;
  • Exclusive - Optelpribor optics and accessories;
  • Exclusive - Tule mounting accessories;
  • Exclusive - FZA hand-made tactical scopes;
  • Exclusive - Firearm accessories from EST, STK, Volzhsk, and Spetzakaz;
  • Semi-exclusive - NPZ Military Optics factory;
  • Non-exclusive Nayvis, VOMZ, KOMZ, Splav and others;
  • Russian/Soviet military surplus;
  • MOLOT sporting firearms;
  • Golden Tiger ammunition;
  • Izhevsk Mechanical Factory sporting firearms;
  • Izhmash sporting firearms;
  • And more!

Why Russian Weapons

The Russian-designed AK weapon platform is the most popular rifle in the world. Its popularity stems from its exceedingly simple design which reduces mechanical malfunctions. Considered the best battle rifle in history, it operates in difficult conditions without failure. It is also chambered in a variety of rounds including the popular 7.62x39 or .223 Remington rounds which are very prevalent and among the cheapest ammunition available. Ease of use, durability, reliability, availability of inexpensive ammunition and its low cost of operation make the AK the world’s most used weapon. Several countries produce these weapons however Russian production is the most highly rated. It is considered the only ‘original’ leading to higher pricing and re-selling values, has the highest quality construction and features chrome-lined barrels which provide great durability.


The Molot Vepr is the finest production model of the AK rifle in the world. It is actually based on the RPK automatic weapon for light infantry. Like its forbearer, the full-auto RPK squad machine gun used by the Red Army, it is built for extreme battlefield conditions. To handle the sustained automatic fire, the RPK was designed to be much stronger; the receiver uses thicker steel which is 50% thicker than the standard AKM. Furthermore, like the RPK, the trunion of the Vepr receiver has reinforcements on each side which are not found on the AK-47. The barrel is both longer and heavier than that of an AKM providing a longer sighting plane, enabling short periods of sustained fully automatic fire, and an increase in muzzle velocity. The Vepr rifle also comes with a two stage trigger for better trigger pull and groups and with a pre-installed side scope rail allowing you to mount any AK optic. Each VEPR comes with a hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel. Hammer forging is a process whereby the lands and grooves of the barrel are formed by hammering the barrel material against a mandrel. This process not only creates sharp and well-defined lands and grooves but also leaves an excellent surface finish. An additional benefit is that the barrel material becomes work hardened. The chrome plating helps prevent against wear and corrosion.

Vympel Ammunition

The Vympel Industrial Association (Amur) is one of the three large ammunition factories in Russia. It produces the highest quality of the three and as such supplies most of its production to the Russian military. It is the largest producer of cartridges for small arms in Russia. The Golden Tiger brand has less visibility due to its scarcity on the US market but the brand is associated with being the highest quality Russian ammunition available. Amur is the newest of the Russian munitions factories and as such has the most modern production process using special automated rotary and rotor-conveyor lines with a production capacity of 170-200 pieces per minute with 93% automation. It produces most popular calibers including 5.45 mm – regular, blank; 5.45 mm –steel-slug, blank; 7.62 mm – steel-slug, blank; 9 mm – steel slug, blank; 5.45x39 mm – lead, steel core, blank; 7.62x39 mm – lead, steel core, blank; 9x18 mm – lead, blank; 5.56x45 mm – lead, blank; 9x19 mm – HP Luger cartridges.

Izhevsk Mechanical Factory

IMZ is one of two traditional producers of small arms in Russia along with Izhmash. Historically, IMZ has produced most law enforcement weapons including the world-famous Makarov service pistol. IMZ produces the majority of civilian sporting rifles in Russia and also is world-famous for the quality of their hand-produced special edition and custom-engraved weapons. IMZ previously supplied its production for export to the US market via a contract with Remington under the Spartan brand. The mix of functional, low-cost arms, a variety of configurations with less saturation in the market such as traditional over-under shotguns and the attractive high-end custom engraved market make the IMZ lineup attractive for retailers.


Izhmash is the largest firearms producer in Russia and among the oldest having been founded in 1807. Its reputation is second to none as it is the home of the AK-47 among many other famous weapons. Izhmash produces various types of firearms including military firearms, sporting weapons, aircraft guns, artillery, etc. For the US market Izhmash produces the Saiga line of rifles and shotguns. The Saiga is a sporterized version of the AK-74 rifle made specifically to meet US import requirements. A large percentage of these are then converted to look like AK rifles once in the US. Izhmash also produces the Saiga tactical shotgun series popular with law enforcement agencies.