Aboard Trade Group Inc sources and delivers for four market segments. This broad range of commercial activities stems from organic growth as the company’s development has been guided by our clients’ needs over the last decade. We work with a stable group of long-term partners focusing on their needs and continually expanding the value-add we provide to each.

We work directly with factories to supply raw materials, parts, assist in R&D, provide market research and often serve as exclusive distributors. We maintain active partnerships with materials producers in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China and other countries to provide quality materials at a cost often below what our partners can source at directly.

We can provide virtually any component out of Russia at competitive pricing. We are active in the sale of night vision vacuum tube assemblies and night vision tubes to Western manufacturers. We provide factory-direct pricing on a variety of optical glass from Germany, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Asia for lenses and reticles. We can provide a wide array of parts for refurbishing Soviet military equipment. We often have availability of petrol and can close long-term contracts for force fuel requirements. These are just some of the ways we can help you outsource your needs so you can focus on your core business.