Aboard Trade Group Inc sources and delivers for four market segments. This broad range of commercial activities stems from organic growth as the company’s development has been guided by our clients’ needs over the last decade. We work with a stable group of long-term partners focusing on their needs and continually expanding the value-add we provide to each.

We work with defense-related organizations to support missions by providing a full array of equipment and consumables. With our basing in the Russian Federation, strong relationships with military factories, RosOboronExport, the Russian Ministry of Defense, UkrSpetzExport and other governmental agencies, we can facilitate supply of a wide array of spare parts, ammunition and modernization upgrades for Soviet equipment.

Availability often includes:

  • Small arms;
  • Small and medium caliber military rounds;
  • Aircraft;
  • Fire control systems;
  • Gunner sights;
  • Target trackers and weapons stabilizers;
  • Explosive reactive armor;
  • Transmission, suspension, and cooling systems;
  • Laser rangefinders, warning systems, SatCom, SatNav, etc;
  • Meals and combat rations;
  • Thermal and Night Vision Optics;
  • Ballistic vests, plates, helmets, etc;
  • Uniforms, tactical gear and personal equipment;
  • Vehicle-, Armor-, Air-mounted FLIR, SLAR, IR/UV Line Scanners, etc;
  • Medical supplies, medical equipment, and medical field equipment;
  • Field housing;
  • Maintenance and training centers;
  • Outfitted firing ranges;
  • Perimeter/border security systems;
  • And more…